Crazy Busy

Time is flying and we have been crazy busy lately! Father’s Day, birthdays, sick kids and Nathan’s yearly Sports Carnival at school. He did amazingly well this year and it was such a nice day as well – Go Team Blue! Thanks Jacqui for taking the photo below.

Cayla has had another accident involving her mouth…..
They were brushing their teeth one morning and had a bit of an argument about something, Nathan pushed Cayla and being quite unbalanced she fell to the floor with her toothbrush in her mouth…. Lots of blood pouring out of her mouth and I immediately thought she had smashed her front teeth as one of them was already a bit wobbly from her fall a couple of months ago… But luckily all teeth were good, she must have stabbed the inside of her cheek pretty bad. She ended up with a very sore and swollen cheek that turned blue/purple for a few days. But the doctor has ensured me that she only damaged soft tissue and it’s all good… phew… Note to self: Be very strict with ‘sitting down whilst brushing teeth’ rule, particularly when rushed in the mornings to get to school on time!
On a better note – Cayla is officially out of nappies! Woohoo! I still pinch myself as I can’t quite believe it happened so fast. One thing less to worry about before she starts school next year :D

I’m back in to full swing training and loving it. Mainly running but also Bikram yoga and the usual body combat class at the gym once a week. The Bikram Yoga is growing on me and I really like it. Some days are really hard and others I feel great. I am so not a flexible person so I can see that it will be a good complement to my running. I’m using my treadmill for interval and hill training and find it really good. One hour goes
surprisingly quick when doing interval training on a treadmill, much faster than just running the same speed the whole session which is rather boring.
Did my first City 2 Surf with a few girl friends a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! But with about 45,000 people running/walking I have to say it was a bit too crowded for my liking. We only did the 12k but might do the 1/2 marathon next year :)

I have recently had my birthday (27th ;)) and received some great pressies from friends and family; voucher at Garden City, bath bombs from lush, chocolate, gorgeous necklace, subscription for a running mag, running top and socks, and from my very nice hubby – a garmin forerunner watch! I’m still waiting for a parcel from Sweden that seems to have got stuck in customs.. but hopefully it will be delivered soon.

As some of you may remember we compleated a 6 week trial session using a communication device called Vantage Lite a couple of months ago. This trial was very successful and we have recently received funding to get our very own device and Cayla is now a proud owner of a pink Vantage Lite! We wanted to get going with some new goals straight away and have therefore met with Lesley, one of the speech pathologists at TCCP recently. I’m not sure how many sessions we will do but usually they offer a block of sessions over a couple of moths which should be enough for us to get a good start and some guidelines. Most of the work/therapy is being done at home anyway but it’s good to touch base and have a session with a speech pathologist now and then so we can access Cayla’s progress and set new goals accordingly.
Cayla is also doing ‘speech’ every two weeks at Kids Are Kids . These sessions are fun and playful but at the same time fairly structured with ‘home work’ each time. This method works well for us. Cayla’s speech is definitely improving, she can say just under 100 words and is starting to put not only 2-3 words together. Her speech is not amazingly clear but we understand her most of the time and hopefully the clarity will improve as she gets older. At the moment we are only focusing on more single words and putting words together. I have read somewhere that a child must have between 80-100 words before they can even start thinking about putting two or more words together.
As we now know that Cayla’s speech is something we will have to work on we have decided to use some of our Better Start Funding to purchase an Ipad.
The Ipad is offering a different approach towards improving Cayla’s speech compared to the Vantage Lite “talker” which is a more a tool for learing language the right way. She will bring her “talker” when she starts school next year. We believe that both these devices have a place to improve not only her language but also comprehension.
Kids learn by playing and having fun and there are a whole bunch of applications out on the market that we find really useful.

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