Beautiful Sweden

It’s funny looking through all my photos from our holiday as I have nearly forgotten some of it! After leaving London we spent a couple of days in Stockholm before heading south to visit Kolmarden Zoo, Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park. We stayed at the Vildmarkshotellet and had two sunny days in the park. Kolmarden is a really nice place surrounded by forest and beautiful countryside so it was really great to spend some time there. The Swedish nature, the forest in particular is something I miss a lot when living in Perth, it’s not quite the same lush greenery here, plus you got to watch out for snakes and spiders..

The last couple of weeks were pretty busy and it was so much fun catching up with friends and family over and over again! My dear friends Dan and Linda whom got engaged on a plane to NYC in May decided to get married during my stay in Sweden which I really appreciated! Their wedding was beautiful and so much fun – thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you in Perth next year!

The day after the wedding myself and the kids caught the train to Gothenburg three hours south of Stockholm to visit Maria, Shawn, Noah and little Vera. It was full on with four kids + parents in a small apartment but the weather was pretty good and we had lots of fun!

Another highlight was a Pearl Jam concert – thank you Michaela! They rocked the house out and it was awesome!

And finally some photos from a beautiful island called Fjaderholmarna situated in the archipelago about 20min with ferry from Stockholm city. My auntie Maria works in the pottery on the island so it’s always nice to go and visit her. On Maria’s birthday my grandma and I surprised her just before she got on the ferry to go to work! We then ended up coming with her to the island to celebrate with coffee and my grandma’s home-made rhubarb pie… yum!

Looking at these photos makes wanna go back and see everyone again! Shame it’s such a long way.. Thanks to all my friends and family for making our holiday such a great memory, can’t wait to next to next time! :)

I finish off with a pic taken of Cayla in Tyresta National Park that I absolutely love.


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