Half Marathon – Joondalup Lake

I did it! Yesterday I ran 21km and I have my sore legs and stiff walk to proof it! I also received a medal at the finish which I wasn’t aware of and of course very proud of! It’s slowly starting to sink in that I actually finished my goal of running a half marathon, especially since I started my ‘couch to 10k’ app on my Iphone only seven months ago!

The last couple of months have been great and I have to say that somehow I’m happy that I couldn’t go to my usual classes at the gym due to Cayla’s therapy appointments and picked up running instead. Running is such a great way of getting fit and strong plus that I really enjoy it. I was pretty nervous about the race/run yesterday but it was great to wake up to a nice and sunny autumn day here in Perth. It was pretty chilly when I met up with my running buddy Kath at Joondalup Lake at 7am but slowly started to warm up to a pleasant 20 degrees or so. 

The first stretch of the track was great and pretty flat on a nice path along the lake itself. Shame that I managed to get a stitch at the start which didn’t give in until 5-6 kms…! I was feeling particularly good around the 10km mark and both Kath and I had a gel at about 12km. Then we ran at least 6-7km along a very straight road that seemed to go on forever…! It felt great to pass the 15km mark , we stopped talking at about 17km and I felt alright up until 19km or so… after that my calves were hurting a bit and all I could think was – how bloody long is 2k really…!?! Then finally we could see the end where there were people cheering and clapping, and among them Mike, the kids and Mike’s mum and dad! :) It was such a great feeling running up to the finish line and receive a medal. Yay for us! :)

I did everything to recover well yesterday but was still feeling pretty knackered and had a headache. But after consuming a banana, a muesli bar, lunch, water, chocolate milk, sports drink and neurofen I felt better! Mike’s mum came over in the afternoon with a big tub of ‘Endura’ and a package of Epsom salts – thank you very much! I woke up stiff as anything and couldn’t walk very well this morning… We had a physio and a speech appointment for Cayla today and after that I took her for a walk to feed some ducks and hopefully the walk will loosen up my leg muscles… I am to ‘scared’ to do the whole ice bath thingy so will try a warm bath with some Epsom Salt tonight instead. Anyway, I’m already thinking about what 1/2 marathon race I want to do next… But this week I will take it easy and think more about what we need  to pack for our trip to Sweden as we are leaving this SUNDAY! Woohoo!

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