Lego Party!

Another busy week has passed and we have been to a couple of dentist appointments with Cayla as she hit her mouth on our coffee table on Monday night. She is fine now but we have got a special tooth paste to brush with for the next week or so and hopefully no teeth has to come out.. We had a special, more sturdy toilet step delivered from TCCP on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a visit from two speech pathologist students from a university in Joondalup doing some sort of study. On Saturday we had the family over for brunch to celebrate Nathan’s birthday and his birthday party for friends on Sunday morning finished it off with style! The theme was “Lego” and as soon as I had downloaded the Lego font I was hooked..! I’ve so far never gone all out when it comes to birthdays, themes and decorations but this time I think I just might have…! It was just so much fun and I couldn’t help myself.

A big thank you to my dear friend Karen for all your help during the party!! Don’t know what I would have done without you.. Thanks also to Alinta for lending me her Lego brick and Lego men moulds as I left it too late to order them from ebay myself – they are just awesome and were great as cupcake topper and in the lolly bags at the party! I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the noodle boxes (lolly bags) but they were filled with Lego stickers, Lego pen, Lego brick lollies and a little plastic bag with chocolate bricks and chocolate men inside with the text – Thanks for coming to my party! It was a fun party to organise and if anyone plan to have a Lego party I’m more than happy to lend you all my decorations! ;)

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You’ll find a lot of great ideas for a Lego birthday party online and here are a few credits from where I got my inspiration:


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