New AFOs

Last Friday Mike and I took Cayla to Orthodic Solution in Leederville for the fitting of her new AFOs. It was great to have Michael there for support and extra pair of ears. I even recorded the session but haven’t listen to it yet! Andrew from Orthodic Solution gave us lots of valuable information about Cayla’s AFOs and why she’ll need a fixed one on the right foot as well at the moment. He explained in everything in detail; the long-term effects on using fixed versus hinged AFOs which was great and we feel a lot more comfortable with it all now. She will start with two fixed AFOs and we will review in a couple of months time. Her AFOs will give her a really good prolonged stretch as well as keeping her feet in the right position and also supporting her feet the right way. An AFO works just as braces on teeth, by applying pressure to the structure of the foot and ankle. All to ensure that her feet, legs and hips are growing as normal as possible. She is using them for about 2 hours/day right now and we will slowly build that up to 6 hours.

Cayla’s physio Megan came to our house for a physio session yesterday and with her she had a student from Curtin University. I’ve completely forgotten her name but she will be visiting us every Monday for the next couple of weeks to do different physio activities which is great! Cayla loved the obstacle course and all the games they were doing and we make sure to use either the balancing board or a plastic pillow for her to stand on. These exercises will help with her balance as well as strengthening her core and leg muscles. I really appreciate that the therapists sometimes come to our house to do therapy, makes things so much easier!

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