Running App Completed!

Another 12 weeks have passed and I have finished my 1/2 marathon training app! Woohoo! I can’t believe that I couldn’t hardly run 5k a few months ago and now an 8-10k run is an ‘easy’ midweek run! I LOVE meeting up with my two running buddies Chatarina and Kath on Saturday mornings for a long run with coffees afterwards. These girls have been running for many years with both 1/2 marathons and marathons under their belts. Kath is doing the 1/2 marathon with me which is awesome! It’s also great that two of my other friends Helen and Erika have picked up running and are currently training for the HBF 14k race end of May – Go Girls!!
All my training sessions have been logged at Training Peaks over the last 84 days and I have done over 54 hours of exercise and completed nearly 350km in distance. In five weeks time I’ll be running my first ever 1/2 marathon, I am very excited and can’t wait!
A week after that the Beach Family is leaving for a 7 week trip to Sweden and England – YAY! 

Saturday mornings in beautiful Kings Park


2 thoughts on “Running App Completed!

  1. Hanna that’s absolutely fantastic and so inspirational too! I’m so happy you told me about the 5 K app, it made all the difference to me. xox

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