Wheelie Big Challenge

Today was the day for our 1km ‘race’ to mark the end of this year’s Wheelie Big Challenge at Burswood Foreshore. It was a beautiful and sunny day and at 8.15am we met up with the rest of “Team Cayla”. Everyone had their green tops on and Cayla was looking very cute in her Tinkerbell dress :) We all had laminated “Team Cayla” pictures on our backs and Grandma Gwendy had made yummy green cupcakes!

We would like to thank our lovely family and friends that made the effort and came to Burswood foreshore to support our family and take part in the walk. We would also like to thank my family in Sweden for your kind messages, I know that you would have loved to walk with us today ♥
Cayla managed to walk a couple of hundred meters before daddy had to carry her on his shoulders but good effort little girl! 1km is a long way to walk for little legs! :) The staff and volunteers had done a great job organising this 1 km walk/run and at the half way mark all the kiddies had to go through a fun obstacle course and collect a helium balloon before walking the 500 meters back to the finishing line, very cute!

It was a great day all up and now we know what it’s all about so I’m really looking forward to next year! We’ll have a big picnic and hopefully we can come up with an even bigger team? Hope you all want to join us!! :)
We were all so tired when we got back home and after we had some lunch we watched Transformers and then had a nap in the arvo…! That is probably why I’m still awake… (it’s 12.42am…). Time for bed now but I leave you with a bunch of photos from today’s event! Nite nite zzz

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One thought on “Wheelie Big Challenge

  1. Jag förstår att ni var trötta efter en sån lång o ansträngande dag, men ni ser ut att ha haft jättekul, massor med glada o hurtiga barn och positiva föräldrar, familjer o vänner som ställde upp och hejade på Cayla. Många fina bilder han du med också!!! Nathan ser så stolt ut och Cayla alltid lika glad o sprallig.
    Längtar tills ni kommer hit, så jag får krama om mina härliga, underbara barnbarn ( : o även dig…
    Kram Kram mamma…

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