What can I say, we are SO grateful for all the donations that you have made towards Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge 2011/2012! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Shortly after I published this blog I decided that we would take all the negative and sad feelings that we had with Cayla’s diagnose and turn it into something positive instead! Luckily we have a great organisation called The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) here in Perth and this centre has been our place for support and therapy the last 10 months. The have a very important program called the Early Intervention Program (EIP) which is usually your first point of call after your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This program provides support and services for children with cerebral palsy aged 0-6 years and their families. The EIP team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, training assistants and social workers. All there to provide effective intervention for children from the earliest possible time; and ensure children develop, enhance and maintain skills in their home, school and community settings.
For those of you who have read the start of this blog knows how heartbroken and sad we felt after we received Cayla’s diagnose.. It was devestating news and we just didn’t know what the future would hold for us and our little girl. We had very little knowledge about cerebral palsy which made the whole process very scary and uncertain with many tears to follow..  We have in the last 12 months learned so much about this very common physical disability and what it really means and we have also met some amazing people along the way. Cerebral palsy can affect people in many different ways, it could be as mild as a stiff hand or it can be more severe where the person needs a wheelchair or frame to be able to more. It is a permanent disability that effects movement and is the results from damage to the developing brain before or during birth, or early in life. Or in Cayla’s case – having extra/too many folds on her brain which is called ‘Congenital bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria’….! You can read more about that here. But even though it is a permanent condition there are so much you can do to help them reach their potential in life. Early intervention is the key and the right therapy and equipment can make all the difference.

Through TCCP we started a Hero page for Cayla in November last year and made her one of the ‘Champions’ for the Wheelie Big Challenge 2011/2012. This is a yearly long event where the Champions set themselves a fundraising target and then try to reach it.
Cayla’s first target of $1000 was reached after only 3 days and we had to increase her target to $2000! This amount was also reached only a few weeks later and gave us no other choice than to increase it to a final $3000! :) In the end, with YOUR fabulous help we raised an AMAZING $4,014.35!!!! And this is without the money collected in the two fundraising tins..!

Sometimes it’s hard to ask people for money but when you can see with your own eyes how much the Early Intervention Program at TCCP really is helping Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy it was an easy task to be honest. Every little donation helps and by donating money you are also showing your support towards Michael and myself which has meant so much to us. It has made us a lot stronger and happier and we feel so privileged knowing that there are a lot of people out there wanting to help and support us in one way or another. I never ever thought that I, Hanna, would be a mum of a child with a disability.. Sometimes I wish everything was just ‘normal’ but at the same time I wouldn’t change Cayla one single bit. She is who she is and she is our gorgeous, funny and simply amazing little girl no matter what! And seriously, what is ‘normal’ today??? I know that Cayla’s cp is very mild compared to other kids but it has still been a year of grief, uncertainty and many tears. However, some time after I started this blog and about the same time as Cayla reached her first target of $1000 things started to change and I can now say that we are ready to tackle Cayla’s one million appointments, therapy, botox and whatever challenges we may experience in the future heads on. I have probably bored some of you with my blog- and Facebook posts about the Wheelie Big Challenge in the last couple of months BUT I hope you understand how much this means to us and that we would return the favour anytime. After all it’s only a small donation and it makes a HUGE difference to everyone involved so THANK YOU!
We love you all! :)

Amit – Schneider Electric
Mark White – Schneider Electric
Amelia, Maz and Jase
Stephen Hennessy
Chris, Rachelle and Fin
The Algeri Family
The Separovich Family
The Duncan Family
Darren, Laurie & Callia
Janelle Booth
Rosanne, David & Tia
Elliot & Milton – Sweden
The Newall Family
The Koppens’s – New Zealand
V. Jakovich
The Snelgar Family
Grandpa and Grandie
Heidi & Chloe
Carmen Keeffe
My & Chris
Stephanie King – UK
Kay Foley – UK
Ashley Maude
Carlos Zanlongo – Schneider
Auntie Mia in Sweden
Peter & Kaye – Sydney Beaches
The James Family – Italy
The Reyniers Family – USA
The Larcombes – Sydney
Paul, Karen, Callum & Sharna
Jaime Garbutt
Hermes & Pandora Turner
The Everkrans-Smith Family
Hanna & Anthony
Astrid & Lily
Liza Hellstrom
Amber Goodreid
Mark & Sylvia Walpole – UK
Maria, Shawn & Noah – Sweden
Laetitia Nunny – Portugal
Ken and Bev Booth
Luan Lowe
Greta John
Nicky & Claire
Caroline Bellhouse
Howard & Chris Hughes
The Stubbs Family
Malcolm Fitzpatrick – UK
Auntie Kicki & cousins Mathias, Fredrik & Joakim – Sweden
Niklas & his family – Sweden
Great grandparents Inger & Gert – Sweden
Johan Martina & Bastian – Sweden
The West Family – UK
Catarina, Frode, Cissi and Steffen
The Hawkins Family
Roy Henry
Grandma Lois
Kirsty Culver
Viv, Derek, Lucas, Nichoals and Alicia Trader
Hanna, Elliot, Oliver & Nick – England
Mormor Janette, Lars & Freia – Sweden
Simon, Jill and Jasmine
Pete, Kirsty, Frankie and Pennie
Christine and Alan Jones
Steve and Susette
Elisha and Chloe
Cissi, Fred & Lilly
Chatarina & Andrew
Kayli & Josh (and Karen & Damian)
Anna, Matthew, Albin & Pete – UK
Naomi Mclure – UK
Auntie Jill and Uncle Mark
Birgitta & Linnea Swed
Lyndsay Gale – UK
Nigel &  Andrea Battams
Campbell & Hannah (Jo & Nathan)
Marie Sicilano
Andreas Boij
Daniel Eskils


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