Special thanks to Cayla’s latest supporters for their kind donations! Her Hero Meter is sitting just under $4000 which is an incredible amount! Much more than Cayla’s original target so thank you all so much! :)

Christine & Alan Jones
Steve & Susette
Elisha & Chloe
Cissi, Fred & Lilly
Chatarina & Andrew
Kayli & Josh (Karen & Damian)
Anna, Matthew, Albin & Pete
Naomi Mclure
Birgitta & Linnea Swed
Auntie Jill and Uncle Mark

♥ Many thanks for your support!

We are still waiting to find out how much money that has been collected in Cayla’s two fundraising tins over the last couple of months. They have kindly been on the counter at Baker’s Delight at Gateway shopping centre and at the crèche at South Lake Leisure Centre. Both tins were pretty full when I took them to TCCP yesterday so cant’ wait to find out! Big THANK YOU to the ladies at both Baker’s Delight and at the crèche!
We really appreciate your support!


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