This is it!!

This is it! With only five days to go before the Wheelie Big Challenge ends “Team Cayla” has received AMAZING support from family and friends all over the world! We really appreciate your support and kind donations which makes such a difference for Cayla and other kids with cerebral palsy! We cannot with words describe how much this means to us..

I thank all my supporters with a beautiful fairy dance! ♥

 Cayla’s HeroMeter is currently sitting on a fantastic $3,787.35 and it would just be awesome to bring that total up to $4000! :) So if you feel inspired to help out please show your support and make a donation! ♥

Make your very important donation here:

The Wheelie Big Challenge ends on the 18th March at Burswood Park Foreshore and there will be heaps of activities for the whole family! The Walk, Wheel or Run race is starting at 8.45am so come down and support “Team Cayla” as we would really love it if you did! :) Watch this video for more information!


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