Running & Running!

My training for a 1/2 marathon is going well, I run the short runs around the area I live (a mix between 6-9km) and the longer runs in Kings Park. My friend Chatarina (who ran the Sydney Marathon a couple of years ago) is running with me on Saturday mornings and it’s great to have a running buddy. Much more fun than running alone plus I’m loving the well deserved coffee afterwards! I ran 11.4km yesterday and will add a mile (1.6km) every week to gradually reach my goal of 21km.

I have finally invested in a pair of great running shoes and amazing socks from our friend Jason’s store The Running Centre on Hay Street in West Perth. Go and check it out, they have lots of cool stuff and very friendly service plus they are open on Sundays :) Can’t believe that I had my old trainers over 10 years…… yuk!

I did a short 5km race at Point Walter last weekend and caught by the adrenalin pumping at the start I finished 26 minutes later.. That is certainly faster than I normally run so for the next race I will tone it down and find my pace instead of rushing away like a crazy antelope! I rang Mike after the race and was wondering where my support team were..??? He laughed and said that Nathan was still asleep and Cayla was having her breakfast! The race started at 7am so I don’t blame them.. but hopefully they will be a bit more supportive for my next race which is the  Asics Bridges Fun Run (10k) in April! :)

I have just looked through the result list on the WAMC’s website and my time was 25:59, place 70 out of 197 runners and no 22 of 111 females – not bad!

Hot and sweaty just after the race..!

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