Back to School

The Summer holiday is coming to an end and man it’s gone quick! We usually spend heaps of time playing and swimming at Point Walter but somehow we’ve only been there one day!! Guessing that Cayla’s appointments and therapy are taking a lot more time than I originally thought. Never mind, it’s been a nice holiday and great for Nathan to sleep in and just chill out instead of stressing to school in the mornings. But that is about to change because on Wednesday it’s time to go back! He is starting year 1 which is really exciting. I have washed his uniforms, bought new shoes, marked all the pens, scrap books and all the rest that he will need for school this year. It takes ages to mark every little pencil and crayon etc… Any better way of doing this please feel free to share!!
We have also bought a new bag and lunch box as required by the young man himself. Both kids have been sick the last couple of days but we made a short trip to school today just to check out the class lists and Nathan’s new class room. He is very excited and so am I ;)

Cayla will be going to playgroup and hydro pool sessions at the centre (TCCP) plus the usual physio and speech therapy sessions. She has also got a spot in the ‘My Time’ program through Carson St School. This class is all about getting them ready for kindy next year so it should be lots of fun! We are currently on the waiting list for the ‘Talkabout Program’ at the Telethon Speech Centre as all the classes were full.

Below is a mix of what we have been up to this holiday. All photos taken with my iphone, some of them by Nathan…! :)

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