1/2 Marathon – here we go!

Ok, so I have caught the running bug and have therefore decided to train for my first 1/2 marathon! I’ve joined Training Peaks and bought a program from Hal Higdon to keep me on track with the training and also to keep me motivated :)

This program is over 12 weeks but I will do it over the next 17 weeks so it will coincide with a 1/2 marathon here in Perth. There are also a couple of other shorter runs that I will do such as a 5k and 10k. You can buy this program as an app for your phone here but this time I will stick with Training Peaks and Runkeeper instead and will also do most of the runs outside rather than the treadmill. I ran 5km on the treadmill yesterday and it was soooo booooring… Really need to get up early and run outside instead, just find it incredibly hard to go to bed early and wake up at 6am… Also not sure if this week was the best choice to start my training program as a massive heat wave has just hit Perth but hey, just gotta do it!!

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow! Slip – Slap – Slop! It’s going to be a very hot day!!

2 thoughts on “1/2 Marathon – here we go!

  1. This is so cool Hanna, very inspirational as you made me start running too…. right behind you darl, but no half marathon just yet ;-)

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