Cayla’s Hero Meter

More donations have during the Christmas period come in towards Cayla’s Wheelie Big Challenge! Thank you ever so much for your generous support!
Your funds will not only go towards a great cause, but it also shows your support towards us as a family which is grately appreciated 
Big hugs to you all! ♥

Liza Hellstrom
Amber Goodreid
Mark & Sylvia Walpole
Maria, Shawn & Noah
Laetitia Nunny

Cayla’s total is currently no less than $2,167.35 which is an amazing result! If you would like to support Cayla and help her reach her target of $3000 before 18th March just click hereThis will take you to her Hero Page where you can make a very fast and secure online booking (hahaha, online booking… I meant donation of course!) from anywhere in the world! ;)

The photos below show some of the amazing Christmas lights and decorations at Kennack Vista in Atwell. One of the houses collected money for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy this year and had a big banner outside, that makes me very happy :D

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