Today I light a candle….

Today I light a candle,

for someone I dearly miss.
Words cannot describe this darkness I carry,
a black cloud of grief and pain inside.
An open wound that never heal,
not with tears nor with time.
Five years have passed since the day you left us,
the people who loved you so much.
Years of endless tears and sadness,
struggling and fighting to live on as normal.
My beautiful brother is not with us anymore,
not here on earth but in spirit for sure.
We were left with memories, photos on a wall,
wishing things were different, wishing you were here.
I love you and miss you little brother,
you will always live on in my heart.
Love Sis

My brother Samir was abruptly taken from us in the early hours of 1st of January 2007. He was stabbed after a fight broke out with another group of young men on their way home from a party and died a couple of hours later in hospital. The man who stabbed him got 12 years in prison for murder..

Though Cayla has sadly never met her uncle she will honour him as she walks through life. Her full name is Cayla Sam Beach, in memory of my beautiful and dearly missed brother Samir. He would have turned 31 in April this year.

Loosing someone you love is without a doubt the most difficult event I have ever had to experience in life. Things are a little less difficult now compared to a couple of years back but at the same time this is something that is so far beyond everyday ‘problems’ or other issues that I sometimes think (and wish) that it was all just a bad dream. The reality that I will never ever, in this life time, be able to see him, talk to him or give him a hug again is still too hard to comprehend.. Time definitely make things less difficult but I think it’s more about myself learning to live with fact that I no longer have a brother. We used to give each other one look and know exactly what the other one was thinking, and laugh so much messing around in front of the computer and singing along to silly songs. I will treasure those memories for ever and hopefully we’ll meet again some day.


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If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill


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