Ginger Biscuits & Christmas Lights

Every year I get together with a couple of my Swedish friends to make ginger biscuits, it’s so much fun and the kids loves it! It is really hard to get into some sort of Christmas spirit when it’s warm and sunny but we are trying our best with Xmas decorations, tree, music, baking and so on. Christmas should totally be celebrated in a cold country with snow outside and lots of candles lit inside. Long walks and hot chocolate, christmas markets and warm mulled wine….. yeah, I would LOVE to be in Sweden right now and spend Christmas with my family that would just be awesome.

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There are some fun stuff happening in Perth during December such as Christmas carols, the big channel seven’s Christmas pageant and so on. But one of the highlights is to decorate the outside of our house with Christmas lights ‘American Style’! Every year we buy a little bit more to add to our collection and in a few years time we’ll hopefully have a grand display! Some people go all out and you can visit some areas in Perth where every house is decorated to the limit! Check it out here! These houses are all taking part in a yearly competition and fundraising event for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital (PMH) so it’s all for a good cause! Last year the competition raised more than $63,000 for PMH Foundation.The two streets we always visit are Kanji Loop and Kennack Vista in Atwell, it’s just awesome and magical for both kids and adults.

I picked up our fundraising tins on Wednesday morning after a great catch up with the “Parent Focus” group at TCCP. They are such a nice group of ladies and I love hearing their stories and listen to their advice. After that home for a quick bite to eat before it was time to head out again. It was Nathan’s last day at school for the year, last day of Pre Primary! I can’t believe he’s starting year 1 next year!! Bring on Summer holidays, I’m looking forward not having to rush in the mornings to get everyone ready and can’t wait to spend some quality time with Nathan and Cayla together.

By the way, I just got the most amazing chocolate sent to me from Sweden (+ heaps of Christmas pressies) – thank you very much Mamma! ♥ This chocolate is seriously good and I will kindly share it with my Swedish friends here in Perth ;)

Note: ok that didn’t happen, I ate all the chocolate myself..! Yum!


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