The Inervention Method – Great Results!

What an amazing experience….! A couple of days ago we had the honor to have Michael Proessler here from Tasmania to do an Elektrodress session with Cayla. Michael is a friend and colleague of Fredrik Lundqvist, the man behind this fantastic invention. You can read more about how I came across this method and made contact with Fredrik and Michael in an earlier blog post here. In short, by using weak current, the Inervention Method is stimulating the weak muscles which allows those muscles to have more influence over their strong (tight) opponents. I would highly recommend that you watch this short video to understand more about this method. You can watch the video here.

We have eagerly been waiting for this day to arrive but tried to not have too high expectations.. I just didn’t want to get disappointed I suppose.. but no need to be worried, it all went really really well! :)

Cayla didn’t mind the small electrodes being placed on her left leg at all, she was just pleased to been given “stickers” (the electrodes) by Michael and chatting to Fredrik, the man behind Inervention who joined us during the session from Sweden via Skype! Six electrodes later, a pair of leggings on top and we were ready to start the 1.5 hour session. She didn’t like having the small backpack on where we first placed the tens machine so in the end I just had to follow her around. Not ideal so we’ll have to come up with a better idea, probably just a small, snug backpack that she won’t even notice. After about 30 minutes we started to see a difference as her left foot was coming down more towards the floor and after another 30 minutes her foot was pretty much flat on the floor! That is the same effect as 48 hours after her Botox injection in July earlier this year….! After 1.5 hours we took the “stickers” off and examined her legs, feet and toes and I couldn’t believe it but there was hardly NO difference between her left and right side, toes and feet were soft and easy to move around… one word – A-m-a-z-i-n-g! :)

Michael came back to our house yesterday when it was time for our 2nd session to make sure that we felt confident putting the electrodes on and to use the TENS machine properly. I had bought a new small backpack with a clip at the front so Cayla can’t take it off and that worked really well. She was busy playing during the whole session and we had the same results after the 2nd session, her usually very tense calf muscles relaxed and she could put her whole left foot down on the floor!

Our programme is to use the machine three times a week for 1.5 hours at the time. By doing this her shin muscles will finally get a chance to work and over time they will get stronger which means a much better gait (walk) and posture. It is important to continue with our physio programme such as stretching and strengthening, and we will combine this with the elektrodress to make the most out of all methods.

We might do Botox one more time in the beginning of next year as this will help her shin muscles to work out and grow even more. We’ll have to wait and see what our physio therapist have to say as well. However we are of course hoping to skip the Botox injections and casting all together in the future if possible! That would just be amazing but at the end of the day we are just, with different methods and therapy, trying to give Cayla the best possible outcome for the future.

The photos below is a mixture from both sessions but mostly from the first one. The dots and scribble on her leg is done by us so we would remember where to put the electrodes for the second session! In the last image Cayla is sitting cross-legged on the floor which is something she has not really done before. Probably because it’s been really uncomfortable for her to sit in this position but it’s great to see and we really need to encourage her to do so more often rather than sitting on top of her feet. Oh yeah, the photos of myself and Mike in the beginning is us just testing the machine out, though on a bit higher frequency than we’re using with Cayla…..! ;)

I really hope that more people with cerebral palsy will get the opportunity to try this fantastic method in the future! ♥

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5 thoughts on “The Inervention Method – Great Results!

  1. Wow – that was an uplifting video clip to view – and it is wonderful that Cayla will benefit from this new therapy – the results of her personal experience are very re-assuring for all of you. Loved the possiblitity that she may not need surgery as she gets older. And it is even more special that Fredrik has seen Cayla and no doubt will have a personal interest in her development.

  2. Jag är helt slut efter den rafflande video-snutten! Antog att han skulle få pengarna men ändå, vilken suspens. Det var också jätteintressant att få se hur elektrodressen fungerar och ATT DEN FUNGERAR. Jubel och hurra! Förstår att ni inte vågat hoppas, men…. ni vågade prova och se så bra det blev. Följer detta med spänning, go Cayla! (och hennes päron….. :))

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