Target Reached!

I am AMAZED with the huge support from family and friends all over the world! Cayla has after only a couple of days reached her target of $1000!! A big thank you to all the special people who has kindly donated important funds towards Cayla’s Challenge. The list below show her latest supporters ♥ 

  • Heidi & Chloe
  • Carmen Keeffe
  • My & Chris
  • Stephanie King
  • Kay Foley

As we still have a while to go before her Wheelie Big Challenge in March next year we have decided to increase her target to $2000 :) 


If you would like to help Cayla reach her target and donate important funds to The Early Intervention Program at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy please visit her Hero Homepage here. Don’t forget that all donations over $2 is tax deductible!   



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