Generous Donations!

Wow! After only 3 days Cayla’s “Hero Meter” is raising fast towards her target of $1000! Thank you all so much we are so grateful for your very generous donations! ♥

  • Amit – Schneider Electric
  • Mark White – Schneider Electric
  • Amelia, Maz and Jase
  • Stephen Hennessy
  • Chris, Rachelle and Fin
  • The Algeri Family
  • Natasha Separovich
  • Darren, Laurie & Callia 
  • Janelle Booth
  • Rosanne, David & Tia
  • Elliot & Milton
  • The Newall Family
  • The Koppens’s
  • V. Jakovich
  • The Snelgar Family 
  • Grandpa and Grandie

& one anonymous donation, who ever you are – thank you so much! :)

You can visit Cayla’s Hero Homepage here to see how her fundraising is going and make a secure online donation.

Don’t forget that all donations over $2 is tax deductible! :)


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