Ease into 10K (El10K)

Tiesto in my ears, feet are pounding and the sweat is dripping! I’m running on my treadmill. I miss going to my usual classes at the gym but most of our appointments with Cayla seem to fall between 9.30-11.30 in the morning. I know, I could go to the gym in the evening but I’m definitely a morning person when it comes to exercise. All I want to do in the evening is flop in front of the TV or enjoy the peace and quite when the kids are sleeping. Until now we’ve have had over 60 appointments (not including the 10 week Hanen Language course) which is crazy but I’m sure most in our situation goes through the same thing. It has definitely started to slow down in the last month or so which is rather nice.

Anyway, back to the running, I hate the feeling when I don’t exercise, it does my head in feeling sluggish and lazy. Not a great combo.. After encouragement from another school mum I bought an app for my phone which I love! It’s called “Ease into 10K” and runs for 9 weeks so I’m hoping that I will be able to run 10km in about 5-6 weeks :)  I’m on week 4 right now so have about 5 weeks to go. I’m using my treadmill at home as this really fit my busy schedule at the moment plus most mornings I have it done before I drop Nathan of at school which is even better! I feel SO much better and have heaps more energy. I’m happier and feel stronger and also more confident dealing with Cayla’s condition. So all up, exercise is the key to look and feel good – oh yeah! ;)

If you want to join me you will find this app here: http://www.appbrain.com/app/ease-into-10k-%28ei10k%29/com.runhelper.ei10k or in the App Store.


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