Inerventions “Elektrodress”

When Cayla was diagnosed with cerebral palsy I searched for information everywhere and wanted to know as much as possible. After a while I realised that there was a lot of general information and that every child is so different to another. Even the ones with the same diagnose. For example, a girl that I met through the centre (TCCP) has a daughter with left hemiplegia just like Cayla but she hasn’t got any problems with her speech. On the other hand she has got epilepsy which Cayla hasn’t. I really wanted to meet someone with an older child with hemiplegia to see how that child was doing today but I now know that it doesn’t really matter since they are all so different.

When doing all this research online I came across a Swedish website, a closed forum for parents with kids that has got cerebral palsy. I could find tonnes of valuable information and it was kind of good to hear and see how they do it in my home country. This is how I came across Inerventions “Elektrodress”. Some of the parents had used this fairly new invention with anything from good to amazing results on their kids.

As there is a lot to read about this I would recommend that you follow the link below for more information: Facts about Inervention/Elektrodress

Or watch this video (English subtitle): 

I emailed Fredrik, the man in charge, and asked if he knew of anyone doing something similar in Australia and he funny enough he happened to have a friend and colleague with the equipment currently living in Sydney over on the East Coast. I was over the moon but slowly got caught up in all the appointments and therapy we had to do with Cayla. Anyway, a while ago I decided to send this guy an email and he gave me a call a couple of days after. His name is Michael and he sounds like a really nice guy, he could speak Swedish as well which was great! We discussed the Elektrodress and decided that he was going to speak to Fredrik and get back to me with more information. I was very excited and discussed the matter with my husband later that evening. Maybe we could all fly to Tasmania and try this? What if it works? What if we could use this instead of Botox injections??? Then little Cayla wouldn’t need any casting done or maybe not even the AFOs….! Wow, that would just be amazing….. even the slightest improvement would be totally worth it! I just wanted to hop on a plane with Cayla that day.. but that is just me.. get something in my head and wanting to do it right away!!

So what has been decided: Well, Michael has got the equipment in Tasmania and he will be flying over to see us here in Perth in a couple of weeks time!! Fredrik will ‘meet’ us via Skype during our first Elektrodress session just in case we have any questions and so on. I will keep you posted on how it goes!


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