I have just been home today, sometimes I just feel like hiding away.. I still find it difficult to see other kids running around with bare feet without any problems or hear them talk and so on… Being at home is where I feel most comfortable, Cayla can dribble as much as she wants, she can stumble around and play with her AFOs on without anyone watching. I don’t have to worry about sand getting into them or how many hours she has them on.   But with all of this I try to remind myself that she is only 2.5 years so she has got a lot to learn and her drooling will more than likely improve once she becomes aware of it and practising closing her mouth more. It’s not even that bad to be honest except when she’s painting, playing with play doo where she concentrate a lot more than usual! :) She is becoming more and more stable on her feet and is now running and nearly jumping around. Yesterday I caught her jumping off our coffee table down to her couch on the floor…! We have bought a playground from Target with a slide and swings that both kids love. She is climbing around like crazy and throwing herself on the swing!

New words this week! Look, moon, tyst (quite in Swedish, which she copied after I said it to Nathan!), raining, quick and one 3-word sentence – Nite nite daddy! I’m not sure how many words she can actually say now but it is definitely more than say 6 months ago. She is my beautiful gorgeous little girl and I love her so much. Today was just one of those days when everything just feels so difficult and all I want to do is cry… Luckily not everyday is like this and I felt heaps better after I had a chat to my mum in Sweden.


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