Lots have happened, Cayla has had a hearing test at PMH which came out fine, we have had our first Family Meeting with our team at TCCP and Cayla has just got her foot splints (AFOs). We absolutely hate them… she seem to be fine with them even though they are a bit tricky for her to walk with. Especially the left one as it is fixed so must feel like a snow boot. She has to have them on 4-6 hours a day…. for a loooong time, well for as long as she is growing… She will probably only have the right one a couple of months to help her with her balance and so on. We will have an assessment done at the Lower limb and foot clinic in about 6 months or so.

We both feel pretty bummed about the splints and it’s a bit more obvious¬†that she has some sort of disability now.I hate that she has to wear them every day… it sucks big time… And she can’t play in sand with them so every time we are on the beach or in a playground we have to take them off and then put them on again. We also have to buy one size bigger shoes and not all shoes fit her feet with splints on… Annoying… Just having a bad day today when everything just feel rubbish :( You can find more information about AFOs here.

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