Today we spent the morning at PMH to have an MRI done on Cayla’s brain. Another sedation again but this time a bit heavier as she really needs to be totally still for at least 45 minutes. This experience was completely different, I went in with Cayla when the doctor called us, we were the first one out as another client didn’t show up. The nurse was so nice and I got to hold Cayla in my arms and we sang “twinkle twinkle little star” for Cayla’s as the mask was put over her nose and mouth. She slowly went to sleep without any crying and I left the room in a much better state than last time.

After the MRI Cayla woke up pretty fast from the anaesthetic so it took us a while to get her to calm down and stop crying. In the end we managed to bribe her with an ice cream :) We are having an appointment with Dr Kate Langdon in two weeks time to go through the findings of the scan.

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