2nd lot of serial casting

New serial casting done and Cayla is not impressed at all this time :( She is complaining and winching heaps even though she’s had the cast two days now, hoping she won’t be this miserable the next couple of weeks… Maybe she is frustrated as she can’t walk as fast now?

Just spoke to Jodie from Wize Therapy and she recommended us to take the cast off as she might be developing pressure sores underneath all the padding. Cayla did indeed have a big red mark on top of her foot which must have caused her pain. Oh well, we’ll put sorbolene cream on it and let it rest a couple of days before we put a new cast on.

We take the cast of the night before she’s due for a new one so she gets to have a bath as well! It’s pretty easy getting the cast of, once you got the purple outside bit of we just pop her in the bath with it and it will slowly soften enough for us to get it of completely.

I’ve met at girl at the gym who has got a 4-year old son with mild cerebral palsy. She seem really nice and she gave me her number so hopefully we’ll be able to catch up some time.

Other than that things are ok, Cayla is eating like a dinosaur at the moment, must have a major growth spurt or what..? I’m not kidding, she is having wheetbix for breakfast and then an apple, a banana, crackers and a sandwich (her lunch!) and this is all consumed BEFORE lunch! Crazy stuff.. She has a nap between 1.30-3pm and then she’s having afternoon tea with Nathan when he’s home from school. After that we have dinner and she’s finishing of her day with a full bottle of milk! Ahh, gorgeous little Cayla, love her to bits :)

We are starting Hanen Language Programme at TCCP next week. http://www.hanen.org

Cayla can now say “Nite Daddy”! Cute!

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