Time for Botox

Today is the 4th of July and I was just not looking forward to this procedure at all.. I know that it will help Cayla but I was really worried about the general anesthetic. She is so little.. what if something went wrong and she never woke up again… But of course I didn’t have to worry, everything went really well today and the procedure only took about 40 minutes so it was a very light sedation. Cayla was happily chatting to everyone before it was time for her to go to sleep and I was feeling pretty good too. But when they put the mask over her face she started crying and I tried to comfort her the best I could by stroking her head and talking to her but she slowly cried her way to sleep.. I left the theatre in tears and went to the cafe where Mike was waiting with a big yummy latte for me. I felt so emotional and teary but just as I had finished my coffee they rang from the upstairs and told us that Cayla was waking up in recovery. She was a bit disoriented and upset when I got there so I sat down on the bed with her tightly in my arms. My beautiful precious little Cayla, I was just so happy that she was awake and nothing had gone wrong.. Silly when I think about other parents that go through far worse operations and procedures than a small injection of Botox…

We made a quick stop at Big W on the way home and bought Cayla a cute litte toy dog for being such a brave girl. As soon as we got home she was 100% back to normal and played happily with her toys. :)

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