A masterpiece

Sometimes when I’ve been to the centre for Cayla’s therapy I come away with mixed feelings. I am sad that Cayla has got cerebral palsy and that we have to go to the centre at all, but at the same time I feel so lucky that it’s very mild in her case. There are kids that are facing far more challenges in life than Cayla ever will so I shouldn’t even be upset or sad… but I am… this is our journey, our sadness…. so I guess that I am allowed to be upset after all.

I read something a while ago that will always stick in my mind  It is just so beautiful written and described by a mum and dad that knows what it’s like to how a child with a disability.  It made me cry…  

“Once we got over the dismay and shock at the hospital, and picked up our shattered dreams and hopes, we began the slow process of reorienting and reorganising those dreams and hopes into a different set of rules, a different lifestyle. No, maybe our little boy wouldn’t be able to realise some of those high dreams we had composed before his birth, but with a little reshuffling (and a lot of hard work) he will be able to realise other dreams that we are composing day by day. So the song will have different words and a different melody, but will still be a masterpiece.”

Timothy and Marilyn Sullivan, parents, from: Teaching the Young Child with Motor Delays: A Guide for Parents and Professionals /HANSON, Marci J; HARRIS, Susan R, — Austin, Texas: Pro-ed, 1986, p.8

The text is copied from the booklet “Parents Perspective” from TCCPs website. This booklet does not only have great information for parents but also for other people such as siblings, grandparents and friends. http://www.tccp.com.au/docs/documents/PARENT%20PERSPECTIVES.pdf

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