Lots of appointments

Where has the time gone??? It’s already beginning of June… maybe it’s because we have been so busy with our different appointments? Yesterday I counted over 20 appointments since end of February… crazy…

It’s been 4-5 weeks since Cayla had her serial casting done and her foot was nearly flat on the floor. She could even walk a few steps without holding on to anything thus without much balance. We did our best with the twice daily stretches but she must have had a growth spurt as her foot is nearly back to how it was before the casting… :(

We have started physio and speech at TCCP, been for a consultation for Botox and also an assessment with the Lower limb and foot clinic in regards to a foot splint at TCCP. Our management plan right now look like this:

Botox booked in for the 4th July, more serial casting about 4 weeks after Botox to maximise the effects and then she will be given her new AFO’s. She will start with a fixed AFO on her left foot and an articulated AFO on the right one. This is to help her with the balance when learning to walk on her own.  

It feels great to have a plan to follow and I think Mike and I are both feeling more and more ok with the situation. It’s been a lot of changes to our life and daily routines but I’m sure it will end up being some sort of normality in the future. It’s crazy to think about how much we have learned the last couple of months and I’m so ashamed over how little I really knew about Cerebral palsy… Yes, it was really confronting being the centre in the beginning but I’m ok with it now. I really didn’t know that cp could be anything from a stiff hand to severe cp where the person require a wheel chair.

Cayla is of course our gorgeous little girl no matter what! She said ‘All gone’ the other day and we nearly threw a party!! Happiness :) She can now say about 15 words but is babbling heaps in ‘Japanese’ but hopefully the babbling will eventually become words. English or Swedish doesn’t matter, any words will do!

My two closest friends here in Perth are in Sweden at the moment visiting friends and family, I miss them heaps and I am SO jealous.. but we will have to wait until next year instead.


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