Accepted by TCCP

TIme is flying and we are feeling a lot better about everything now.. it’s been a rough ride since end of February no dought… We ended up cancelling our appointment with the first pediatrician that we didn’t like, met with Dr Langdon at TCCP and have recently received her report about Cayla. This report describes our little girl exactly the way we knew in our hearts she was so yeah, a great read. And the best thing is that a copy has been sent to the horrible pediatrician as well :D

Cayla has now been accepted by TCCP and we have been very busy meeting with the team. The centre is also offering both a playgroup where we can meet other parents with young kids and also hydro pool sessions which we are starting next week I think. The warm water in the pool is great for tense muscles.

It’s great to finally have been taken on by TCCP but at the same time a weird feeling being there… I just don’t feel that we fit in very well but that is probably because we often see a lot more severe cases of cp there. This centre is not only for children but for all people with cp from babies to adults. It’s quite confronting but I’m trying to remember that most of the older people didn’t have access to botox or the kind of therapy that is being offered today.

Tomorrow we are meeting with Dr Colin Whitewood to talk about botox for Cayla. Botox will be given about 2 times a year and as the waiting list at the public hospital (PMH) is terribly long we have chosen to go private. It’s great that we at least have a choice otherwise we would have had to wait about a year and a half in the public system. I think there is something like 90 kids on the waiting list. I’m not sure how much it will cost us to go private but I’m sure our health fund will cover some of the costs involved.

Note: It didn’t cost us much at all! We got half of the consultation fee back from our health fund and the rest of the botox and hospital visit costs were covered by the Australian Government. So all up we were out of pocket $75.


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