Parent focus

I have so many questions and my head is spinning from all new words; hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia, EIP, SAIP etc etc etc so I thought it would be a good idea to come to Parent Focus, a group of parents that meet at TCCP once a month. I was particularly keen to find out more about Botox and I know that most people in the group had older kids so they would understand my concerns. It was great to meet with the other parents and I felt that a lot of my questions were answered that morning. However, I’m still not 100% sure about injecting Botox into my little girl…….. but it seem to be what works………. I just wished there was an alternative..

I went to a coffee group for new parents that the centre had organised yesterday and met a really nice girl there. She has a daughter with right hemiplegia who is a couple of months older than Cayla. It was great talking to her and she had a lot of valuable information about Botox, foot splints, shoes to go with the splints, speech pathology and much more. We exchanged numbers and will catch up for a coffee soon.

Knowledge is power!

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