An amazing person

As we had such a bad experience with our first pediatrician that gave Cayla the diagnose we really didn’t want to go back to her for further tests. I even rang and complained about the way we were treated and the way she spoke to us and hopefully she will change some of her ways of interacting with other clients and their families. Anyway, so I’ve been calling the Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) as I really just want Cayla to be taken on by them so we can get going with the therapy etc. A very nice lady, Corrine Wray, who is working as a social worker at the centre took me under her wing and organised for us to come and meet with a pediatrician from PMH. This was her last appointment at the centre so I had to quickly rearrange a physio session with Wize Therapy and get Mike to take some time off work. It all worked out fine and on the 14th April we met with Dr Kate Langdon. She is an amazing person that is definitely working in the right field, she could have given us ‘bad’ news and she still would have done it in such a way that it would have been totally fine anyway! Luckely for us this isn’t the case, yes, Cayla has got Cerebral palsy but very mild as it only affects her left foot. She is using her left hand very well. Kate observed Cayla whilst she was busy playing with all the toys in the room. Up until this day both myself and Mike had been feeling really down about the whole thing, we were scared and worried about the future so this was an amazing day for us. Kate pretty much said that Cayla was a normal social little 2-year old, she is busy playing and went from toy to toy and then back to the play kitchen which was the favourite. This type of playing is typical for her ago so no worries at all. She said that she has got a straight posture and using her left hand very well. She suggested that Botox would be very beneficial for Cayla, especially at a very early age so that foot could come right down on the floor and improve her gait. As there is about 1.5 years waiting list at Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital (PMH) she recommended us to do it privately instead. We will contact Dr Colin Whitewood at SJOG in due course.

I still remember walking out from the centre that day feeling extremely happy and positive about the future. Really, it could have ben SO much worse so hey, lets get on with it! I am so thankful to Corinne for listening to me crying for help on the phone and organising this appointment to see Dr Kate Langdon. I’m extremely happy to have met with Kate today and I’m looking forward catching up with her in a couple of months time :)


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